Art on the Tip of a Pencil

Fascinating detail sculpture on the tip of a pencil encourages the art

Amazing carving into the head of a pencil by Salavat Fidai! See more of his work on

Art on a tip of a pencil became a great sculpting in modern days. There are few people that have the ability to do so. You can find some amazing designs and detailing. The artist has amazing creation like, rose, statue of Liberty and many attractive figures on the tip of a pencil. Some amazing sculpting of human body postures has conveyed deep language to the viewers. Every gesture, posture and positioning of animal has proper meaning. The art on the tip of a pencil not only amaze the viewers, but also it can convey some serious thoughts. The sculpting has ability to represent any issue like white house down, World wars and other major incidents that had struck the world.


Art on the Tip of a Pencil

Mainly, the artist put a huge effort to choose the pencil sculpting. It was the passion, but it was hard to find a unique texture to manifest the idea. A sculpting knife, razor blade and sewing needle are used to form these excellent statues on the sensitive tip of a pencil. The entire creation has been built up on the graphite and the creator refused to use magnifying glass during sculpting. Some designs on wood of the pencil and graphite are very mesmerizing as well. The images and video footage of the creation is available on the internet now.
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