Painting with Hands on Tile

Painting with Hands on Tile to make it more attractive

Painting is one of the most common hobbies, which can give your mind a fresh start. Tile painting is the latest trend so you can try tile painting to give a new look to your old tiles with a tight budget. Tile painting is an attractive art, which gives the tile surface a beautiful look. You can shop handmade designer tile but making it from home is also very easy. Painting tiles are the very trendy home decor items now-a day.

How to make painting on tile

Try your hands or color brush for this tile art. For that choose a pain ceramic non-textured tile. Then purchase correct type of paint to color the ceramic tile. Purchase oil based paint or ceramic tile paint so that after drying it you can wash it with water without any hassles. Chose different types of color to make the tile more attractive.

Clean the tile properly before start painting it. Then decide the colors according to the design, which you want to draw on the tile. First choose the light color and then bright color to give the tile its best look. Coat the final color and leave it for dry.

Painting with Hands on Tile
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