How to Make a Beautiful Rose Cake

Prepare a giant valentine day special rose cake in home

See how to make this stunning rose cake.

Bake 2 round cakes of 6 inches size and beat with sugary butter cream. The cream must have pink or red shade. The modeling chocolate is important to give new shape through molding and coloring. Put the butter cream on a cake plat and paste that on a side of your 6 inches round cake and then flip that and lash the butter cream on the other side totally. Now, pop the second half on the creamy first half and then continue to fill the layers with cream. The 2 round cakes can make four layers. Place the cookie cutter on the centre part of the up and down surface of the cake and just press to mark. Now, cut the edges with knife to form a round corner shape. The upper part would be sharper than the lower and locate the lower surface with a cake plate. Now, whip the butter cream on the whole body. Now, roll the modeling chocolate and cut with a 2 ½ inches of cookie cutter. Take a piece and curl it like a rose part and place it at the top. Now, mold the entire body of the cake with short, medium and large size of rolled modeling chocolate. Place every layer of the chocolate to shape the rose, it is the most important chapter of making rose cake and then you can take the green color chocolate and give it a leaf shape to place at the bottom of the cake. Thus, you may get a tasty rose cake.

How to Make a Beautiful Rose Cake
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