LUX3 – Design Wellness Lamp

Lux3 a wooden designer lamp that brings well-being to the user

Lux3 Design Wellness Lamp

Colored energy to drink

1. Place a clear glass of water in to the cube

2. Choose a color and leave it to absorb the light for an hour

3. The water memorizes the specific quality of the chosen color, or colors infusing it with the corresponding benefit

Lux3 Design Wellness Lamp

An easily app, suitable for  Android and IOS , allows you to light up LUX3. the easiest way for you to get to know all the possibilities that LUX3 and its colors can bring you.

Play with color: You can turn LUX3 on and off, choose a single hue or all of the colors in rotation or change at random, for a feeling of general well-being.

Lux3 Design Wellness Lamp

By Gerardo Abriola

Check it out : LUX3

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